During the season, we reached the TOP-1 and increased sales

Who is our client?

At the time we started working together, it was a new branded women’s clothing store. Accordingly, the site was not optimized and lacked any tracking metrics.

The priority areas were swimwear and women’s parkas.

What was the task?

We were tasked with increasing traffic and, consequently, increasing the store’s sales. We had to bring at least 65% of the site’s key queries to the top 10.

The site was promoted exclusively in Ukraine.

Works to achieve the goal

  1. We analyzed the semantic core and competitors’ promotion strategies;
  2. We collected the most complete semantic core for the website being promoted;
  3. We carried out internal optimization: brought the technical parameters and content of the site in line with the requirements of search engines;
  4. We carried out the necessary work on additional landing pages;
  5. We created high-quality content for landing pages;
  6. Developed and implemented a link strategy;
  7. We carried out work on link building (crowd marketing and eternal links);
  8. We audited the website’s usability and improved its performance;
  9. We optimized Google my business for search queries to generate additional traffic.

To achieve this goal, we carried outdetailed analysis of the topicanddeveloped a promotion strategy. We took into account the seasonality of the niche and the possibility of maximizing traffic from search queries that are gaining frequency.

Key: swimwear 2018

The graph below shows that this key is seasonal and gains popularity in the summer.

The seasonality of a key directly affects its frequency, which varies from 0 to 18,100 queries.

Next, we collected the most complete semantic core for seasonal keywords.

We also carried out internal and external website optimization.

As a result, the site is in the TOP-1 during the season:

The visibility of queries in organic search results increased by 1,078 during the year of work with the website.

The number of phrases in organic search results increased by 1118.

The final result

The screenshot shows that during our work, organic search traffic has grown to 500 people per day. This was due to the growth of positions in the search results. As a result, the store has increased the number of website visits and sales.


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