Client: kvk-bud.com

Niche: B2B sales of HPL panels and sanitary products

Objective: Attracting new customers

Region: Ukraine

Budget: 10 000 UAH/month

Channels of promotion: Google Ads

Advertising period: December 2020 – August 2021


The Client contacted us in February 20 to audit his Google Ads account. By that time, he had been running his own advertising for several years and was not sure of its effectiveness.

The audit immediately identified a low level of problems, the main ones were:

  • Lack of connection with Google Analytics, as well as lack of conversion tracking;
  • an outdated, inefficient advertising account structure;
  • too narrow keywords;
  • lack of remarketing;
  • outdated ad formats.

After the briefing, the client agreed to the advertising and the advertising budgets and goals he would like to achieve were agreed upon.

Advertising budget amounted to: 10 000 UAH;

The purpose of the advertising account was to: attract new B2B clients and return old ones.

The main directions were: HPL panels and sanitary partitions.

Start of work

First of all, we connected Google Analytics and set up the transfer of conversions and other statistics. At this stage, we faced the problem of a broken auto-marking on the client’s website. Any autotagging was translated to lowercase and was incorrectly reported to Google Analytics. We have solved this problem by disabling the automatic lowercase translation of URLs.

Screenshot 1: An example of auto-tagging from Google Ads

  • After that, we completely redesigned the structure of the advertising account, created new campaigns, and reassembled the semantics;
  • Separate ad groups were created for Russian and Ukrainian keys, and a disambiguation between them was carried out;
  • Audiences of website visitors were created, a sales funnel was built, and display and search engine remarketing was created.

We knew from the client that the average decision-making time in his niche can last up to several months, so we made such an emphasis on customer return.

First results

In the first couple of months, we managed to get the following results:

  • 51 feedback forms;
  • 146 clicks on the number (including 98 real calls).

Screenshot 2: Conversions from Google Analytics from 01.01.21 – 28.02.21

The client was satisfied, and they were happy with the volume. It was decided to continue to improve the results and wait for the season that falls in late fall and summer.

The next steps were standard:

  • Working with bids and auctions;
  • Rotation of ads;
  • Cleaning up search queries;
  • Extension of semantics.


For the period from December 2020 to August 2021, the following results were obtained:

  • feedback form 202;
  • 531 clicks on the number (including 477 real calls).

This fully satisfied the client’s requests.

Screenshot 3: Conversions from Google Analytics from 01.12.20 – 31.07.21

Now we continue to work with KVK-Bud and hope that further cooperation will be just as productive!

Thank you for your attention!


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