Promotion of a multi-brand service station. How we got to the top 1

Arven Auto – is a multi-brand car service center in Kharkiv. The service was launched in 2008.

Arven Auto is a team of technicians and managers who will professionally help organize the process of car repair and maintenance.

Our tasks

As with any growing business, Arven Auto needed service station referrals and new customers. We could only achieve this by increasing search traffic through growth in natural search results and new growth points. Kharkiv became the region of promotion, as the service’s branch is located only in this city.

Growth points in the project

In order to develop an effective strategy, it is necessary to first perform a detailed analysis of the area in which we are going to work. And so we did.

As a result of the analysis, we identified a new growth point for the project. Namely:

  • Expanding the semantic core by converting low-frequency queries

Working with the semantic core

So we started working on expanding the site’s semantics. Since Arven Auto is a multi-brand service, we decided to expand in two directions:

Repair by car brand

Repair of marginal units by car brands and models

Our work strategy

  • We collected the most complete semantic core of the site;
  • We analyzed competitors:
  • We carried out internal optimization of the entire site, bringing the technical parameters and content of the site in line with the requirements of search engines;
  • We worked on additional landing pages;
  • We created high-quality content;
  • We developed a link strategy;
  • We worked on building up the link mass (crowd marketing and eternal links);
  • We improved the website’s usability;
  • We optimized Google my business for search queries to generate additional traffic;
  • We introduced micromarking.

Implementation of micromarking

To maximize the coverage of the search results, it was decided to implement micro-markup. It is needed for:

  • expanded search snippet;
  • getting a large number of clicks ;
  • increase CTR in search;
  • growth of positions in physical delivery.

Now the Arven Auto website looks like this in search:

And then, as a result, TOP-1 for 95% of key queries:

What about traffic?

Traffic also increased, in line with the growth of positions. The screenshot shows traffic and views for the last month (February). As you can see, 9,315 users came from organic traffic alone, 8,807 of whom visited the site for the first time.

The budget for SEO promotion per month amounted to 6 000 UAH .
Users who visited the site, 9 315.

The price per visit, respectively, amounted to 0,65 грн.
Applications for services for the period: 191.


Our agency started working with the Arven Auto website from scratch. It was a lot of work, but after 6 months of cooperation, we achieved the following results.

We analyzed and found growth points, thanks to which 95% of the TOP-1 key queries are now answered. As a result, traffic increased significantly, which led to an increase in applications from the site.


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