Threefold increase in traffic in 2 months of promotion

Getting to know the client

MedTechnica has been manufacturing and supplying various medical and dental equipment for 22 years.

Their online store offers more than 5,000 products used in a wide variety of medical fields.

Before we came to us for promotion, the site was not going through its best days. There were many DDoS attacks, as well as a huge number of technical errors. We will discuss some of them below.

Main tasks

As with any business, sales growth was important for MedTech. We could provide it only if traffic from organic search results increased. The whole of Ukraine became the region of promotion, as the company delivers to 27 cities.

What we did

Before starting any work, we conducted a detailed analysis of the topic and performed a full technical audit of the site.

So, we found critical errors, including:

  • erroneous (incorrect) filling of Title meta tags
  • no rel=canonical meta tag

Eliminate critical errors

Incorrect filling of Title meta tags

Meta tag Title – is the title of a page in a browser that is displayed in search engine results.

Meta tag Title is taken into account by search engines when ranking websites and is considered the main indicator of a page’s relevance to search queries.

Due to a technical error or an error by the optimizers who were previously involved in website promotion, the Keywords* meta tag was filled in instead of the Title meta tag.

*In 2009, Google officially announced that the search engine would not take into account keywords

Absence of the rel=canonical meta tag

During the technical audit, we found that the rel=canonical meta tag was missing on pagination pages. But what does this mean for promotion? Let us explain.

Attribute rel=canonical indicates to search engine crawlers which page should be considered a priority. Assigned to the link tag and located in the <head></head> pages. The page specified in the rel=”canonical” attribute is perceived by search engines as a priority (canonical) page.

In our case, the bot recognized all the pagination pages on the website as different landing pages. As a result, pagination pages were included in the search engine results, which negatively affected the positions of the main pages in search engines.

Standard works

  • We collected the most complete semantic core of the site;
  • We analyzed competitors;
  • We carried out internal optimization of the entire site – adjusted the technical parameters of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines;
  • We cleaned the link profile from low-quality links;
  • We developed a unique snippet design to improve CTR (click-through rate);
  • We developed a link strategy;
  • We worked on building up the link mass (crowd marketing and eternal links);
  • We improved the website’s usability;
  • We optimized Google my business for search queries to generate additional traffic.

The result of 2 months of work

Just two months later, the positions grew significantly:
In the top 3 by 4% (+80 queries);
In the top 10 by 11% (+216 queries).

The growth of positions and the site’s health led to a rapid increase in free traffic from organic results. As you can see in the screenshot below, compared to the previous month traffic increased by 344,39%.

As a result, the number of users visiting the site increased and sales grew. And this is after only 2 months of work. More to come!


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